On This Day


APRIL 7, 2020

Today is:

International Beaver Day — Take a few minutes to recognize the importance of our dam building friends!

National Coffee Cake Day — Who wouldn’t like to take a break with this crumb-topped delicacy?

National No Housework Day — I’m not sure this means the boss would be too happy if we slacked today…but e can let the vacuuming slide for now.

World Health Day — Now more than ever take a little time to reflect on your own health and the health of others around the world.




WILLIAM WORDSWORTH  (1770-1850) — English Romantic poet
WALTER WINCHELL  (1897-1972) — American journalist and radio personality, known for his celebrity gossip stories.
BILLIE HOLIDAY  (1915-1959) — American jazz singer and actress.  Known as one of the seminal voices of jazz music.
JACKIE CHAN  (1954) — Hong Kong marital artist, actor, & director.   (Police Story, Rush Hour, Drunken Master)  Famously does all his own stunts, including outtakes during film credits.



1788 – Settlers establish an outpost at present day Marietta, Ohio — the first settlement in the Northwest Territory.
1862 – Union Armies of the Ohio and Tennessee defeat the Confederate Army of the Mississippi after two days of fighting at the Battle of Shiloh (TN) , one of the bloodiest and most decisive battles of the Civil War.
1927 – The first long distance television broadcast (between Washington, DC and New York City) is made, showing an image of then Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover..
1940Booker T. Washington becomes the first African-American depicted on a US postage stamp.
2001 – The Mars Odyssey spacecraft is launched.  As of posting, it is still active in polar orbit around Mars with enough energy to function until 2025.

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