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Daily Video for June 25 – Grand Reunion of 1913


CIvil War Veterans 50th Anniversary Reunion

On June 25, 1913, Union and Confederate veterans begin arriving in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for what will become known as the Grand Reunion, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  Held from June 29-July 4th, over 53,000 veterans of the Civil War were in attendance, most camping in “field conditions” as they had during the war 50 years earlier.

Marked by several events, including a visit from President Woodrow Wilson, and a re-enactment of Pickett’s Charge by original participants, this was the largest Civil War encampment since the end of hostilities, and the largest reunion of veterans ever.  25 years later, another reunion would be held on the same field, the last of its kind.

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Daily Photo (6/18/20) – War Stories, 1935

Photo — “War Stories, 1935”

Use the photos posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of a photo analysis.

1935. Philadelphia, PA. Young shoe shine boys listen to the war stories of a Civil War veteran.

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Daily Video for June 15 – Arlington National Cemetery Established


Arlington National Cemetery Formally Established

On June 15, 1864, US Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton officially sets aside 200 acres of land on the captures Custis-Lee Estate to establish a military cemetery for fallen Union soldiers.  The land and the home was the former residence of Confederate General Robert E. Lee whose wife, Mary Anna Custis Lee (great-granddaughter of Martha Washington) inherited the house from her father who had it built in 1802.

Prior to its establishment as a cemetery, the grounds at Arlington, having been seized by Union forces early in the conflict (May 1861), had been used for the defense of Washington and as a Freedman’s village with homes for what eventually numbered over 3,000 slaves freed during the war.

Today the house and grounds are part of a larger 624 acre cemetery complex, with further expansions possible and is maintained by the US Department of the Army.

Arlington National Cemetery

History of Arlington National Cemetery


Tours of Famous Graves at Arlington National Cemetery


The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers

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TODAY IS APRIL 17, 2020!

APRIL 17, 2020

Today is:

National Cheeseball Day — Who doesn’t love these puffed grain balls covered in neon yellow cheese?

National Kickball Day — A playground classic for years.  Line up and pick your teams!  There’s nothing like the sound of the big rubber ball when it’s kicked.

International Haiku Poetry Day — Try writing your own 5-7-5 syllable poem:  Start a line with five.  Next one seven syllables.  Five more gives haiku.



ALEXANDER CARTWRIGHT (1820-1892) — American firefighter; considered to be the inventor of baseball.
J.P. MORGAN (1837-1913) — American banker and financier.  One of the figureheads of America’s “Gilded Age”
“ROWDY” RODDY PIPER  (1954-2015) — Canadian professional wrestler and actor.
SEAN BEAN (1959) — English actor (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Martian)
BOOMER ESIASON (1961) — American former football player (quarterback) and sports commentator.



1861 – Virginia’s secession convention votes in favor of secession, becoming the 8th state to join the Confederate States of America.
1907 – The Ellis Island immigration center processes its highest one day total: 11,747 people.
1961– The Bay of Pigs Invasion begins with a group of CIA-backed Cuban exiles land on the island and attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro.
1970Apollo 13 returns to Earth after an in flight disaster nearly killed all aboard on their mission to the moon.
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TODAY IS APRIL 15, 2020!

APRIL 15, 2020

Today is:

ASL Day — American Sign Language Day; learn some simple signs and open up a whole new world of communication!

National Banana Day — Celebrate that long, yellow fruit loved by monkeys and toddlers everywhere.  Try one fresh out of the peel or in your favorite recipe.

National Rubber Eraser Day — The unsung hero of test takers with a Number 2 pencil everywhere!

School Librarians’ Day — Time to toot our own horn.  We are the keepers of resources, and the finders of all the things.  Sometimes unseen and unnoticed, but always vital to the school community.

World Art Day — (AKA Art History Day) Appreciate some great artwork from around the world.  Countless museums are offering virtual tours, or check out this blog’s daily art section!



LEONARDO DA VINCI (1452-1519) — Italian painter, sculptor, architect, and inventor.
CHARLES WILSON PEALE (1741-1827) — American painter and soldier famous for his portraits of American Revolutionary leaders.
HENRY JAMES  (1843-1916) — American novelist & short story writer (The Portrait of a Lady, The Turn of the Screw)
NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV (1894-1971) — Russian general and politician, 7th Premier of the Soviet Union
KIM IL-SUNG (1912-1994) –North Korean general and politician. 1st Supreme Leader of North Korea
SETH ROGEN  (1982) — American actor, screenwriter,  comedian & producer (Pineapple Express, Knocked Up, Steve Jobs)
EMMA WATSON (1990) — English actress. (Harry Potter, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Beauty and the Beast)




1783 – The preliminary articles of peace ending the American Revolution are ratified by Congress.
1865 – President Abraham Lincoln dies after being shot by John Wilkes Booth the previous evening.  Andrew Johnson assumes the presidency upon his death.
1892 – The General Electric Company is founded in Schenectady, NY.
1924Rand McNally published its first road atlas
1947 Jackie Robinson debuts with the Brooklyn Dodgers, becoming the first African-American player in Major League Baseball.
1955 – A McDonald’s restaurant franchise location is opened by Ray Kroc in Des Plaines, Illinois, marking the “founding” of the fast food empire.
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TODAY IS APRIL 13, 2020!

APRIL 13, 2020

Today is:

National Make Lunch Count Day — Forget the idea of a “working lunch” or even working through lunch.  Turn everything off, and take time for yourself and your lunch today!  Enjoy that extended lunch break.

National Peach Cobbler Day — Ooey, gooey peaches baked in a dish with a crumb/oat topping… what could be better??  Why not try some today on that lunch break you should be enjoying!




GUY FAWKES (1570-1606) — English soldier and revolutionary.  Planner of the Gunpowder Plot.
THOMAS JEFFERSON (1743-1826) — Author of the Declaration of Independence and 3rd President of the United States.
BUTCH CASSIDY  (1866-1908) — American bank and train robber.  Leader of the “Wild Bunch” in the American west with the Sundance Kid.
SAMUEL BECKETT (1906-1989) — Irish author, poet, and Playwright.  Nobel  laureate, 1969.
PETER DAVISON (1951) — English actor (Doctor Who – 5th Doctor, All Creatures Great and Small)



1861Fort Sumter, in Charleston Harbor, SC surrenders to Confederate forces after a nightlong bombardment.
1870 – The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is founded.
1943 – The Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC is dedicated on the 200th anniversary of the President’s birth.
1964Sidney Poitier becomes the first African-American to win  Best Actor at the Academy Awards for his performance in Lillies of the Field.
1997 Tiger Woods becomes the youngest golfer to win the Masters Tournament, at the age of 21.
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APRIL 9, 2020

Today is:

National Cherish an Antique Day — Take a look around the house and find that antique you love or search online for a new find.

National Former Prisoner of War Remembrance Day — Take time today to remember and honor former prisoners of war from all conflicts.

National Unicorn Day — No matter the shape, size, or color — if it looks like a horse with a horn, today is its day!

National Name Yourself Day — If you don’t like your name, today is the day for you.  Whether you are legally changing it or just want something fancy for the day, you pick your own moniker today!




PAUL ROBESON (1898-1976) — American musician, actor, and political activist.
DENNIS QUAID (1954) — American actor (The Day After Tomorrow, Innerspace, Great Balls of Fire)
JOE SCARBOROUGH  (1963) — American politician, lawyer, and journalist (Morning Joe)



1585 – An expedition organized by Sir Walter Raleigh sets sail, landing on Roanoke Island and establishing the Roanoke Colony.  This colony will mysteriously disappear sometime before 1587.
1784 – The Treaty of Paris, ratified by Congress on January 14, is accepted and ratified by King George III of England, officially ending the American Revolution.
1865 – Robert E. Lee surrenders the Army of Northern Virginia to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House, effectively ending the US Civil War.
1939 – African-American singer Marion Anderson holds a concert at the Lincoln Memorial after being denied use of Constitution Hall in Washington DC.
1969 – The Astrodome opens in Houston, Texas and with it the first indoor baseball game is played.
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APRIL 7, 2020

Today is:

International Beaver Day — Take a few minutes to recognize the importance of our dam building friends!

National Coffee Cake Day — Who wouldn’t like to take a break with this crumb-topped delicacy?

National No Housework Day — I’m not sure this means the boss would be too happy if we slacked today…but e can let the vacuuming slide for now.

World Health Day — Now more than ever take a little time to reflect on your own health and the health of others around the world.




WILLIAM WORDSWORTH  (1770-1850) — English Romantic poet
WALTER WINCHELL  (1897-1972) — American journalist and radio personality, known for his celebrity gossip stories.
BILLIE HOLIDAY  (1915-1959) — American jazz singer and actress.  Known as one of the seminal voices of jazz music.
JACKIE CHAN  (1954) — Hong Kong marital artist, actor, & director.   (Police Story, Rush Hour, Drunken Master)  Famously does all his own stunts, including outtakes during film credits.



1788 – Settlers establish an outpost at present day Marietta, Ohio — the first settlement in the Northwest Territory.
1862 – Union Armies of the Ohio and Tennessee defeat the Confederate Army of the Mississippi after two days of fighting at the Battle of Shiloh (TN) , one of the bloodiest and most decisive battles of the Civil War.
1927 – The first long distance television broadcast (between Washington, DC and New York City) is made, showing an image of then Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover..
1940Booker T. Washington becomes the first African-American depicted on a US postage stamp.
2001 – The Mars Odyssey spacecraft is launched.  As of posting, it is still active in polar orbit around Mars with enough energy to function until 2025.
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APRIL 6, 2020

Today is:

Army Day — Honoring all those who have served or are currently serving in the US Army!

National Caramel Popcorn Day — A fairground favorite — why not try a new twist  today?.

National Fun Day — While options may be limited, make sure you carve out some time to enjoy yourself today!

National Student Athlete Day — We can’t forget to celebrate all our students who excel both in the classroom and on the field today!

National Twinkie Day — Who doesn’t love this highly preserved snack food, said to be able to survive the apocalypse…..oh, wait….


RAPHAEL  (1483-1520) — Italian Renaissance artist and architect.  Known for his many Madonnas and frescoes in the Vatican.
MICKEY COCHRANE  (1903-1962) — American professional baseball player and member of the Hall of Fame.
BILLY DEE WILLIAMS  (1937) — American actor, best known for playing Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars saga.
JOHN RATZENBERGER (1947) — American actor.  Starred in Cheers (as Cliff Clavin), and featured in all of the Pixar films to date..
JULIE ERTZ (1992) — American professional soccer player; World Cup champion & Olympian.




1808 – John Jacob Astor establishes the American Fur Company, which will help him become the Unites States’ first millionaire.
1841 – John Tyler is sworn into office two days after assuming the Presidency after the death of William Henry Harrison, the first Vice President to do so.
1866 – The Grand Army of the Republic is founded.  This organization for veterans of the Civil War remains active until 1956.
1909– Explorers Robert Peary and Matthew Henson become the first to reach the North Pole.  This has come under dispute in later years.
1973 – The Pioneer 11 spacecraft is launched.  It will be the first to fly past Jupiter & Saturn.  Contact was lost in 1995 and is not on a course to leave the solar system.
1973 – Major League Baseball’s American League begins using the designated hitter.
On This Day


APRIL 3, 2020

Today is:

Find a Rainbow Day — Get outside and take a peek, maybe find some gold (or just make your own rainbows)!

National Kids Yoga Day — Help relieve some stress with the little ones.

National Walk to Work Day — Most of us don’t have far to go, but we can always take a few laps around the “office”.

World Party Day — A global celebration for a happier world.  Participate at a safe distance, though!



WASHINGTON IRVING (1783-1859) — American short story writes (Rip Van Winkle, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)
MARLON BRANDO (1924-2004) — American actor and director (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, On the Waterfront)
GUS GRISSOM (1926-1967) — American Astronaut. One of the original Mercury 7 & second American in space, killed in the Apollo 1 accident.
JANE GOODALL (1934) — English primatologist & anthropoligist. Known or her work with Chimpanzees.
ALEC BALDWIN (1958) — American actor, comedian, & television show host (Beetlejuice, Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock).
EDDIE MURPHY (1961) — American actor & comedian (Saturday Night Live, Beverly Hills Cop, Shrek)
NIGEL FARAGE (1964) — English politician. Leader of the Brexit movement.



1860 – The first successful Pony Express run begins, starting at St. Joseph, Missouri and ending in Sacramento, California.
1865 – Union forces capture and occupy Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederate States of America.
1948 – President Harry Truman signs the Marshall Plan, authorizing $5 billion in aid to help rebuild 16 nations (mostly in Western Europe) devastated by World War II.
1968 – Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech in Memphis, Tenn.  He will be assassinated the next day.
2010 – Apple releases its first generation iPad, a landmark tablet computer.