Most Popular Chocolate Cakes – Infographic

Popular Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t love chocolate and/or cake?  If your like most people, you love them together!  Today’s infographic shows some of the most popular versions of this dessert, their characteristics, and country of origin.  [VIA]

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20 Bizarre Foods From Around the World — Infographic

Bizarre World Eats

Some people are adventurous eaters — or they claim to be, but have they tried any of these delicacies from around the world?  From oysters that really aren’t, unique (to say the least) fish preparations, eggs cooked in pee, and just plain bugs, TasteAtlas put together this list of foods that rank up there as some of the most unusual, bizarre, and sometimes plain gross (to a non-local) foods from around the world. [VIA]

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