Infographic — When Do You Quit Reading?

Why Do We Abandon Books?

All readers have their own opinion on when to give up on a book — if at all.  Goodreads surveyed their users recently to see when readers choose to abandon books and why.  Also included are the top titles that they have found marked “not finished” or “abandoned”.  I know I find it tough to stop reading once I’ve started…how about you? What is your rule of thumb for when close a book that’s just now working for you and move on to another?  [VIA]

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34 Compelling Opening Lines – Infographic

34 Compelling First LInes from Famous Books

Every good book has that hook — the opening line or scene that draws a reader in and keeps them engaged through the whole story.  I know if I can’t really get into something in the first few pages, I have trouble sticking with it.  Today’s infographic looks at 34 famous books or book series and shares their great first lines. How many have you read or will end up on your “to read” pile? [VIA]

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FIrst lines

WideOpenSchool by Common Sense Media


If you are looking for some help to use with your students (in classes or at home!) then this site, just launched by Common Sense Media might be just what you are looking for.

From the launch page, you can select “I’m an educator” or “We’re a family” and then the grade levels you are interested in, either PreK-5 or 6-12.  This will open a very eye appealing table that breaks their resources down by subject and type.

You can take virtual field trips, learn about math and history, or science and the arts.  There’s even a spot to arrange a daily schedule, work on your emotional well being (don’t we all need that right now?), safely watch age appropriate live events, and even life skills and exercises to keep us healthy.

The best part, is knowing this is put together and managed by Common Sense Media, all the material will be age appropriate and safe to view for your students.

Add this one to your toolbox today, as it will be a wonderful resource as we all continue in our remote/online learning classrooms.