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Virtual Field Trips — ZOO CAMS!

Field Trips — Zoos and Zoo Cams

Since today is Zoo Lovers Day, why not try a virtual visit to the zoo?  Here’s a list (by no means comprehensive) of some of the best webcams from zoos and animal parks from around the world!  Just remember, these are live and the animals will do what they want, so if you don’t see anyone, try again later.


Chattanooga Zoo  — Four cams set up, with tamarinds, snow leopard, and a spotted genet.

Houston Zoo — Like a window into Africa with elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, and even leaf-cutter ants.

Maryland Zoo  — Five cameras, featuring lions, flamingos, and goats (though not together).

National Zoo (Washington DC) — Four different cameras, including the pandas.

Reid Park Zoo (Tuscon AZ) — Seven cams show off their giraffes, lions, grizzly bears, and lemurs.

San Diego Zoo Live Cams — One dozen different cameras with a wide variety of species.



Barnegat Light Osprey Cam

Bison Cam  (via Earthcam, from the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie)

Djuma Private Game Reserve (Not one animal, but one cam, set up at the watering hole)

Falcon Cam (via Earthcam, from the Woodman Life Building in Omaha, NE)

Farallon Islands (Control the camera to look for marine mammals and nesting birds)

Zoo Atlanta Panda Cam

Zoo Miami “MeerKam”


WideOpenSchool by Common Sense Media


If you are looking for some help to use with your students (in classes or at home!) then this site, just launched by Common Sense Media might be just what you are looking for.

From the launch page, you can select “I’m an educator” or “We’re a family” and then the grade levels you are interested in, either PreK-5 or 6-12.  This will open a very eye appealing table that breaks their resources down by subject and type.

You can take virtual field trips, learn about math and history, or science and the arts.  There’s even a spot to arrange a daily schedule, work on your emotional well being (don’t we all need that right now?), safely watch age appropriate live events, and even life skills and exercises to keep us healthy.

The best part, is knowing this is put together and managed by Common Sense Media, all the material will be age appropriate and safe to view for your students.

Add this one to your toolbox today, as it will be a wonderful resource as we all continue in our remote/online learning classrooms.



Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips — Social Studies (US History)

US History Field Trips

Here’s a few field trips and tours (which is by no means comprehensive) that you can take from home, or send your students on when you’re running low on some remote lessons!

American Battlefield Trust  — Take 360° tours of Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefields.

Colonial Williamsburg — Various webcams from the historical district in Colonial Williamsburg (not as busy right now with COVID closures, but great during busy times)

Ellis Island — A 3D vitual tour of Ellis Island from the National Park Service. Change the seasons to see the site throughout the year and learn about US Immigration in the late 19th century.

Museum of the American Revolution — A virtual tour of the entire museum.  Couple this with their online teacher resources for a complete lesson plan!

National Museum of American History — A collection of online exhibits and tours from the Smithsonian Institution.