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Daily Photo (6/3/20) – Basaltic Prisms, Santa Maria Regla, Mexico

Photo — “Basaltic Prisms, Santa Maria Regla, Mexico”

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“The natural phenomenon of columnar basalt is a volcanic byproduct — the (mostly) hexagonal columns form naturally as thick lava rapidly cools, contracting and creating cracks in the surface of the new rock. The site pictured above is near the Santa Maria Regla Hacienda, north of Mexico City in the state of Hidalgo.” 

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History of Planet Earth – Infographic

History of Planet Earth from the Big Bang to Modern Humans

Spanning about 4.5 billion years, planet Earth has had quite the interesting, and often tumultuous, past.  From the first specks of dust in the solar nebula after the formation of the sun, through it’s lava and liquid rock stage and through a few ice ages, today’s infographic gives you the story of our planet’s geological and meteorological history all in one place.  [VIA]

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Geological Timeline — Infographic

Geological Timeline

You might be amazed to know that there are entire worlds beneath our feet.  Over 4.6 billions years of history is waiting to be dug up.  This wonderful image, originally a poster by artist Ray Troll, is a nice visual to compare the geological eras, ages, & epochs along with a comic depiction of the kinds of fossils and life we would have seen in each.  If you enjoy this, please support Ray Troll’s artwork. [VIA]

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