Infographic — The History of Hollywood

History of Hollywood

You hear “Hollywood” today and probably instantly think of the film industry and mega-movie stars, but it wasn’t always this way.  From its humble beginnings as part of a ranch turned residential community in 1886 through 2001, where Hollywood is like we know it today, this infographic traces the history and growth of this small town as it grew and became embraced by the film industry. [VIA]

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Infographic – The Oldest Company in (Almost) Every Country

The Oldest Company in (Almost) Every Country *that’s still in business

In our fast paced world companies come and go quickly, or are merged, bought out or simply transition to something else.  These companies, however, have stood the test of time and are still going strong, some for over a thousand years, conducting the same business today that they did then.  From 578 AD to the 1990s these business span all industries and it’s an interesting look at where these nations are in the global economy.  [VIA]

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Daily Art – The Forge, Francisco Goya

Daily Artwork — “The Forge, Francisco Goya, c1812-c1816”

Use the images posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of an artwork critique.

c1812-c1816 — The Forge.  Oil paint on canvas. Romanticism style. Francisco Goya (1746-1828). Frick Collection, New York, NY, USA.

“Devoid of narrative, the painting is an almost photographic capture of a single moment. Set in an ambiguous space, it forms a study in grays, blues and black, punctuated by the blazing red of heated metal. The composition is balanced by the complementary gestures of the figures…The Forge emphasizes the muscularity of the men, who are rendered as classically heroic with thick, strong arms and heavy masculine backs.” (Wikipedia)

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