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Daily Photo (6/10/20) – Pre-PowerPoint NASA, c.1960s

Photo — “Pre-PowerPoint NASA, c.1960s”

Use the photos posted in this feature for writing prompts, warm-up activities, drawing templates or as part of a photo analysis. 

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 Photo posted for educational and informational purposes only,.  Any and all copyrights are retained by the original holders.


Complete Guide to Geometric Shapes – Infographic

The Complete Guide to Geometric Shapes

Did you know that a circle could be considered both a monogon (1-sided shape) or a digon (2-sided shape) or that there were so many different typed of shapes depending on the number of sides, angles, and how many of those are equal, parallel, or neither?  Today’s infographic is a wonderful and extensive reference for all the various shapes you might encounter. [VIA]

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The Complete Guide to Geometric Shapes - - Infographic


Equations That Changed the World – Infographic

World Changing Equations

Math is all around us.  While we all have complained at sometime “when are we going to use this?” (or at least heard it from students) the fact is that math how we are able to understand and define the universe around us.  Today’s infographic looks at ten mathematical equations from history that have fundamentally changed how we see the world.  [VIA]

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WideOpenSchool by Common Sense Media


If you are looking for some help to use with your students (in classes or at home!) then this site, just launched by Common Sense Media might be just what you are looking for.

From the launch page, you can select “I’m an educator” or “We’re a family” and then the grade levels you are interested in, either PreK-5 or 6-12.  This will open a very eye appealing table that breaks their resources down by subject and type.

You can take virtual field trips, learn about math and history, or science and the arts.  There’s even a spot to arrange a daily schedule, work on your emotional well being (don’t we all need that right now?), safely watch age appropriate live events, and even life skills and exercises to keep us healthy.

The best part, is knowing this is put together and managed by Common Sense Media, all the material will be age appropriate and safe to view for your students.

Add this one to your toolbox today, as it will be a wonderful resource as we all continue in our remote/online learning classrooms.